If there is one great craze we inherited from the Americans Frisbee golf has got to be it.  Played using the 18 footgolf holes your target is either the flag, pin or, if you are really skilled, you can attempt to drop your Frisbee right into the hole!

Frustrating at times but fantastically rewarding when a long shot comes off Frisbee golf is a fun and eventful competition that will have you in hysterics!

Brightly coloured and differently designed Frisbees are available for you to choose from but, while it is suited for all ages, consideration needs to be taken of the wind as inexpert Frisbee throwing is not overly compatible with high winds!

Remember – you are welcome to play a nine and nine combo of any of our games for the same price as the full eighteen of any one!  Just come to the clubhouse after nine holes and we’ll fix you up with the other kit for no extra cost to you!